Monday, 30 June 2014

Embellished Vintage Skirt

Beautiful day calls for Beautiful clothes. Finally gathered the guts to wear my great grandmother’s hand embellished skirt. The beautiful piece was hand done by her with beads and silk thread when she was a teenager. 
For her, it was a mode of learning the art and for me, it’s a way to give her tribute. 
The green blouse is made of two-toned raw silk with embroidered lace on the sleeves. I grabbed the bottom zip legging from #Topshop uk and the heels are from #Zara.
With love,
#teen #vogue

Sunday, 22 June 2014

When life gives you lemons, Make a dress

So I found this fabric at a local market and decided to get a dress made.. Turns out, you can make a dress out of anything these days.. Everyone loved it so decided to click it ! Shoes are from graceland, London and belt was a gift from China. The hat is from my favourite shopping destination, i.e Primark.. The looks is £30 so not a bad deal I guess..

With love,

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Meow Factor

Beautiful Flowers bloomed near my house and they definitely called for a floral attire. Matched the blue-blue attire with my primark copper sequins belt and aldo accessories and bling footwear.
This Meow bag is a special handmade item from the Government Khadi emporium here in India.
Top: Customised
Jeans: #Zara
Belt : #Primark
Accessories : #Aldo and #accessorize
Bag : Khadi Emporium, Chandigarh (India)

With love,

For #TeenVogue

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Studs and Jeans

Browsing through my old stuff I found my old Jeans jacket out of the blue and decided to give it a go.. Paired it with my zara basic black jeans, my primark Catty Perry top and my camouflage Vans shoes.. 
Hope you all like it xoxo

Friday, 18 April 2014

Authentic Block printing Alert !

So I got this skirt hand printed from Jaipur.. Authentic block printing is so much better than the cheap replicas.. Then I got this top custom made from my sailor here in Chandigarh.. The watch is from an online store called style tag.. I am still wearing my dark blue nail paint (although it’s like hot hot hot in chandigarh) but I am definitely following the #Lorde wave... Can’t help it, she is just so cool!

Block printed Skirt : #Jaipur
Polka dots green georgette top : #custom made
Yellow watch : #styletag

With love,
for #teenvogue
#teen #vogue #blogger

Friday, 11 April 2014

Jean Jacket Ft. Rajasthan Royals

So my Rajastan's Maharaja inspired iPad cover aka my bag just arrived from India Circus.. Paired it with my new Umbre jean jacket which my dad got from Delhi.. It’s a part of my birthday gift.. YeY.. The skirt is Vintage from spitalfields market and my cone heels are from Thailand <3

Yellow Umbre jacket : Gifted (Thank’s Dad)
Sand coloured Net Skirt : #Vintage (Old Spitalfields market, London)
Maharaja iPad Cover/Bag : #IndiaCircus
Yellow Cone heels : Streets of thailand

With Love,
For #teenvogue
#teen #vogue

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Knotted Camouflage and See-Through Swatch

Summer’s here, Hurray!!! Found some of my old stuff and matched it with my new Camouflage Shirt which has a knot in the front! I got it stitched from a local tailor and I think he got me perfectly (perks of living in India, haha!)

Also, if anyone has noticed, I am wearing my new limited edition See-through Swatch watch! It’s my favourite piece right now. Apart from that I am carrying a black Studded leather bag, and wearing matching leather boots. All of them including the black pleated lycra-cotton skirt are from Primark and my hair accessories are from Accessorize.

Knotted Camouflage Shirt : Custom made
Watch : #Swatch
Bag , Boots and Skirt : #Primark
Hair Accessories : #Accessorize

With Love,
For #teenvogue